Facilities at Tulasi

Facilities At Tulasi

“Taking the Leap into Technology…”Modern Medicine has opened its doors to the latest in technology. The traditional skills of doctors and surgeons are enhanced with next generation equipment – from diagnostic scans to scopes, miniaturize instruments to computer navigation.At Tulasi we believe in being at the forefront of these technologies. By investing in the latest equipments and in training our specialists in their usage, we are able to offer our patients foolproof diagnosis and treatments that are minimally invasive and put them on the road to recover quickly.Tulasi has round the clock facilities for the following, all of which are imperative for attending to emergency patients. Once within the campus, there is absolutely no need to stir out for any of the essential medical assistance that accompanies emergency treatment.

Diagnostic Centre

  • 750 HD CT Scan
  • MRI (for functional imaging and whole body scan)
  • Ultrasound
  • Nuclear Scan with Dual head Gamma Camera
  • Operating Theatre
  • ICU
  • Blood Bank
  • Digital Cardiac Cathlab

TULASI Master Health Check-up (MMHC)

  • Tulasi Master Health Check-up (MMHC)
  • Physiotherapy

People who have visited Tulasi are only too willing to re-christen Tulasi a mini-city that is a Health Resort or rather a Health Restorer. A help desk for those soliciting any information is a boon. TULASI provides the world of care and comfort – be it the deluxe suites, health club, restaurant – all not restricted to the Indian domain alone but transgresses geographic and time barriers for the benefit humanity at large.

  • Tulasi Retreat

Deluxe Suite, Health Club, Multi-cuisine Restaurant (Vindaloo)