Knee Replacement


Total knee replacement is offered as part of Tulasi’s Joint for Life programme which has, in fact, pioneered computer-navigated total knee replacement in the region.

Total knee replacement

Arthritis of the knees is extremely common in India. A knee replacement offers patients a permanent solution to this painful, and often debilitating, condition. At Tulasi Hospital, our surgeons correct every kind of knee deformity, from the mild to the extremely severe, using the most advanced prostheses in the world, including the hi-flex knee which offers 150o flexion. Special anaesthetic techniques, with combined spinal epidural anaesthesia and nerve blocks, enable the department to offer knee replacement to the elderly with multiple, coexisting medical disease conditions.

Computer-navigated total knee replacement

Tulasi Hospital introduced computer-navigated total knee replacement, which helps surgeons balance the ligaments and place the prosthesis with zero error, thereby improving the longevity of the joint. The Tulasi Hospital Centre for Orthopaedics also offers minimally-invasive total knee replacement, where the procedure is performed through an incision that is just 8 – 10 centimetres wide. Post surgery, patients are put on a Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) machine, they are encouraged to walk the day after surgery, climb staircases in five (5) days and are discharged seven (7) days after the new joint has been implanted. Most patients recover completely in three weeks time.

Revision surgery of the knee

Failure of total knee replacements done elsewhere due to failure of the implant, wear and tear and loosening is rectified at Tulasi Hospital by special revision knee prosthesis. Patients with knee replacements, who have accidents and periprosthetic fractures, can also be fitted internally with special implants. The results are excellent and tailor-made to suit each individual patient.